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I finally watched The Social Network last weekAlogarithm Still Photo from The Social Network and was very impressed with this film.  I take it for what it is and nothing more: just a film based on a book based on true events.  For me, there is one major takeaway from this movie that was probably lost to most in the ensuing drama.

I’m not a fan of Mark Zuckerberg, despite the fact that we share a first name and his accomplishments are very impressive.  I do not know him personally or enough about him to form an opinion one way or the other.  When I meet him, then I’ll let you know.  What I can say is that Mark Z. got it right, and by it, I mean the core concept behind all entrepreneurial effort.  The creation and propagation of Facebook into a world-wide phenomenon is the result of one word: Action.

Consider the sequence of events: