11 Years and Going Strong

Life Magazine Cover - Roaring Twenties

We’re partying like it’s 1923.

It’s hard to believe, but it has been a year since we celebrated Matrice Consulting’s 10 year anniversary and relaunched this website.  Although it has been difficult to keep up with the blog posts over the past two months due to professional commitments, I can tell you that we are still going strong, quietly going about our work to provide the best service and solutions to our clients.

Here are some of the highlights of our past year:

  • On pace for record year in 2013 for gross sales and net income;
  • Entered into new partnerships;
  • Contract renewals with existing clients;
  • Expansion of management consulting operations, in the area of new business development.

What’s coming up this next year?  This is where it gets interesting.  In February, we announced a ‘calm before the storm’ and that changes were coming.  Although on the surface you cannot see those changes, you can probably feel them if you’ve worked with us.  Without revealing too much, we have worked on some new internal projects that have added revenue streams, including providing new services which we will announce over the coming months.  We, like many other companies in our niche, are preparing for the changes that have come about with Oracle Fusion HCM Applications, which is turning out to be more fun than expected.

The next twelve months will be exciting.  We will celebrate tonight, as is our custom, and then get right back to it in the morning.  I would like to thank our clients, partners, staff, and family for helping to make this possible.  We are already on track for our best year ever and we couldn’t and can’t do it without you.

All the best,
Mark Pescatrice

Founder and CEO, Matrice Consulting, LLC

Naming a New Company

Lyon, France Train Station

Somewhere in Lyon, France, a company named Matrice owns the domain I want.

Matrice Consulting just celebrated our ten-year anniversary in August. Looking back, I found that one of the most difficult steps of starting a new company is creating a good name.  I formed my company name after watching a trailer for a movie; I merged my first and last names, added ‘Consulting’ to describe what we do, and voilà!  We had a name and an identity.  I have assisted in naming a couple of other companies and the decision process is difficult, and even more so when you consider Internet presence, social media, and domain names.  In this modern age, you have to consider all the following:

  • Is your name being used by another company, or is it similar enough to cause confusion? Continue reading

1 Decade, 10 Years, or 1/10th of a Century

Matrice Consulting Old School Logo

This was our original logo, circa 2002. Hand-crafted by Mark Pescatrice.

Ten years ago today, on August 1st, 2002, I established Matrice Consulting, LLC.  I’ve been contemplating this anniversary since the beginning of this year.  What does this all mean?  How should I feel about it?  Why am I psychoanalyzing myself?  It is probably just best to recap the milestones over the past 10 years.

Matrice Consulting – A Chronology:

  • June 2002 – My employer, a major telecommunications infrastructure provider based in Miami, decides that they will not bring my salary on par with the people whom I was supervising.  The request would have been $5,000 per year in additional salary.  As a result, I give them my resignation, and they subsequently hire two consultants, at a total cost of $10,000 per week, to replace me. Continue reading