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Management Consulting

Your Business Operations….Can you see the forest for the trees? As an objective third-party, Matrice Consulting helps you measure the health of your operations and provide recommendations for the best practices within your organization. Our objectivity gives us the ability to view your organization honestly, critically, and without bias. Our services include:

  • Standardization
  • Business Processes and Workflow
  • Restructuring
  • Growth/Expansion
  • Company Policy

One of the greatest challenges growing organizations have is standardizing their work processes. We can help you standardize your work processes across your organization, whether you have one office or one hundred.  Our experience will allow for maximum efficiency in your operations, improve employee morale, reduce duplication of effort and positively impact your bottom line.

Business Processes and Workflow
How do your employees organize their work?  How is information traveling through your organization? Where do bottlenecks exist? Building effective workflows allows your organization to operate smoothly, like a well-tuned engine.  We can assist you with:

  • Business process mapping
  • Physical workflow
  • Information and Data Flow
  • Workflow design, review, and re-engineering
  • Implementation
  • Change management

Restructuring can be one of the most difficult and stressful experiences for an organization. We can ease some of the pain involved in restructuring by offering guidance through transitional periods.  This includes:

  • Plan and facilitate organizational restructuring
  • Change management
  • Defining roles and responsibilities

Are you experiencing explosive growth? Are planning to expand your current business operations? Explosive growth, while rapidly increasing revenue, can have an unseen backlash effect on your profit margins. If this is left unchecked, the trend can quickly reverse and the company could potentially implode on itself, leaving employees, vendors, customers and yourself out in the cold. Even slow, steady growth presents challenges to owners and managers that must be addressed to ensure the long-term health of the organization.

Managing growth will help keep your costs in check, maintain efficiencies and maintain order within your organization can assist you with evaluating your current situation, your organizational goals and what needs to be done within your organization to manage the growth. The areas we focus on are:

Company Policy
Organizational policy is at the center of your business operations.  Put our policy writing and implementation experience to work for you. We can:

  • Review current policies
  • Recommend changes to existing policy
  • Revise current policy
  • Write new policy
  • Implement policies