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Calm Before the Storm

One of the most common things that occurs to people who have blogs is that they tend to stop posting articles.  I am guessing this is due to a lack of interest, other commitments, or discouragement. I’ve gone silent with my own blogs and this blog is no exception.  I’ve actually written or started writing nearly a dozen articles, but only published two in the past two months.

Why write without publishing? Although the articles were good and would probably fit nicely in some blog, I felt that they did not fit into the overall theme of this blog, the theme of which is Oracle HCM/HRMS, entrepreneurship, and independent consulting. Posting unrelated content does a disservice to my readers.

There is a bigger reason for the silence. We have been busy preparing some very big things, and that is where our time has been devoted. We are going to blow the lid off some very big initiatives over the next six months, some of which may very well change Matrice Consulting forever.

The silence you hear is the calm before the storm.