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Blog Disclosure Policy

Here is our blog disclosure policy, plain, simple, and true:

  • We receive compensation for our services given to clients through Matrice Consulting, LLC;
  • Nothing we say here makes us less or more money for our company, at least to our knowledge;
  • We do not get anything free, unless it is FOSS (free as in free beer);
  • We have a symbiotic relationship with Oracle and provide services for their HCM product lines, but are under no obligation to say or do anything nice regarding them;
  • If we have any financial stake in a company or enterprise about which we write, we will state it
  • We are Amazon Associates, which means that we receive commissions from Amazon if you purchase something from Amazon as a result of clicking a book or product link within our site.

If you have free stuff you want to send us, then please contact us.  This does not mean we will write about you or your product, but you will have our gratitude if it is something useful or cool.

Policy revised April 7th, 2013