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Free E-book: Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow RichI am pleased to offer the classic book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napolean Hill, as a free download. Thanks to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), this book is in the public domain and can be freely copied and distributed throughout the United States and most of the free world.

I may, at some point in the future, write a detailed review of this book. For now, let me just state that this book is as influential a book as you will find anywhere. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The fact that it is free does not mean it does not have value. If the concepts within are applied in full, you will find this to be the most valuable book you ever read.

My personal history with the book stretches back to the 1970’s and into my childhood. It was a book on my maternal grandfather’s shelf, and at the time remember thinking that it was an absurd title for a book. I must have looked at the title hundreds of times, as even then I was an avid reader, and maybe I picked it up. Considering that my grandfather was anything but a success and died poor, it seemed ridiculous to me that one could think themselves into wealth. Had I picked that book up then, I wonder how my life might have been different, if at all.  After decades of resistance, I finally picked it up and started reading it this past fall. I realize that I should have read it a long time ago, but I have been known to be stubborn about such and other things.

You can download the book here:

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This book is the original 1937 edition. My source document was from the Internet Archive edition, though we have corrected some of the issues with that document, including formatting, layout and OCR inaccuracies.  We formatted this specifically for e-readers.