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How to Integrate Basecamp and Google calendars

We have just started using Basecamp as our main project management tool and after 3 weeks, we are sold.  One of the best parts of Basecamp is the calendar. Just ask them and they’ll tell you so. 😀

We will write about the outstanding Basecamp in a later article, but in this post we want to show you how to integrate the Basecamp Calendar with Google Calendar.

1. Go to the Basecamp Calendar

In the project view, simply click on the “Calendar” tab or on the “view the full calendar” link under the calendar in your dashboard.
Basecamp calendar

2. Subscribe to iCal

subscribe to Ical

In the project calendar view, stroll all the way down, and click on the “Subscribe to iCalendar” link.

This will open iCal if you’re a mac user and give you a weirdly configured URL. Just copy the full URL.

3. Add To Google Calendar

Google calendarIn your Google Calendar,  find the “Add” option in the “Other Calendars” list on the left hand side. This is pretty tricky, since there is also an “Add” button under the “My Calendars” section. Keep scrolling until you see the lowest “Add” option with an arrow – I’ve circled it in red on the screenshot.
Click on the “Add” arrow and select the “Add by URL” option. Now just paste the Basecamp iCal URL into the URL field. After a few seconds, you will see your new calendar. Congratulations, you have successfully important your Basecamp Project Calendar into your Google Calendar!

4. Enjoy

You can now use this as any other Google Calendar that you have. Rename it and highlight it a different color if you want! But most importantly, meet your milestones!